Friday, June 11, 2010

Yamada Restaurant & Sushi Bar @ the Sails

Our lunch today is at Yamada! Mr Richard had suggested we try this place for its fresh sashimi..

With no reservations made, we were made to sit outside the restaurant... That shows how crowded/popular this place is.

The sashimi platter that Mr Qi ordered.. He couldn't wait for us to snap the picture and took 1 piece of each.. There should have been 9 pcs..

Gen's Ramen.. We cant recall what it is called but she gives a rating of 6.5 out of 10. Not too saltish with nice bouncy noodles is what she commented..

Richard's bento set.. He gobbled it up in a matter of minutes so I guess it's pretty decent.

The gyoza that got gobbled up before we took a picture. Came in 5 pieces.. Hungry Richard took a piece and we followed suit, each taking one before we remember to take a picture..

The Asari clams to share.. Sweet and fresh I would say..

My Gindara Mentai Yaki with rice.. So happy the Gindara came in a decent size. I've been utterly disappointed many a times with other restuarants.

My office BFF with her hair extension and eyelash extension.. Everything else is au-naturale.. Yes even the nice skin!

This is how Mr Richard Qi looks like.. Super camera shy but as we can tell, he put on weight over the years..

This is me with my Bershak jacket.. Me digs it! Today's eat-with-your-family day! We get to go home at 3pm.. Yipppeee! Extra time to play with my toys!

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Kong Aldora said...

I visited the restaurant last week and loved their Sashimi lots <3 ~~

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